Heart fitness – burn fat calories – get fit!

Intro Aerobics (B)
An introduction class to aerobics where you learn the basics of all the moves. Low impact and intensity.

Hi Lo (I/A)
A high energy class combining aerobics movements with dance elements to form a challenging and dynamic cardio workout. Low to hign impact and high intensity.

Intro Step (B)
Learn all the basic steps before Step Moves. Great for toning the legs and butt while burning calories. Low impact and intensity.

Step Moves (I/A)
Dance and move with the step! This class has lots of complexchoreography that will challenge you mentally and physically! Lowimpact and moderate to high intensity.

Fatburner (M)
This class is specifically designed to bur fat by combining a longer high impact, energy induced, cardio strengthening routine with low impact bodysculpt movements.

New Body (M)
Perform low impact aerobics routines with light hand weigths to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle conditioning.

Step 'N' Sculpt (M)
An interval training class with alternating sections of cardio step and muscle conditioning work.

New Body 'N' Step (M)
Two aerobic class classics, New Body and Step, rolled into one.

Dance Aerobics (M)
A fitness/ aerobics based class combined with elements of dance such as latino and funk.

Belly Dance Aerobics (M)
Perform moves from Belly Dance and lowimpact aerobics for a great tummy toning and calorie burning workout.

New Body & Fitball (M)
New Body aerobics (low impact choreography with hand-weights) plus awesome stability and body toning work with the fit-ball!