Get funky fit and unleash the diva within!

Bollywood Dance (M)
Have fun learning dance forms inspired by the Bollywood Indian film industry. The class includes traditional Indian folk dance steps mixed with other dance styles.

Indian Fusion (M)

Show Girl (M)
Learn how to strut, seduce and spin like a Moulin Rouge showgirl. Exclusive to Yoga World!

JAZZ FUNK is a Jazz Dance style that emphasizes body isolations and rhythm.
It incorporates steps and moves from Hip Hop and Funk Dance.

Jazz Funk Beginner  (B)
Suitable for students with little or no experience in dance. In this class students will learn the basic steps and moves in a slower pace with simple dance variations.

Jazz Funk Choreography (I)
Suitable for students with some previous dance experience.
In this class you will learn steps and moves at a faster pace and those movements are added together to build a short dance routine. In each session new steps and movements are introduced and added to the dance routine. Every two months, in average, students are going to learn new choreography.

Latin Jazz (M)
Be prepared to move and have fun!
In this class you are going to experience a mix of traditional jazz dance steps with moves from cha-cha, salsa, mambo, samba, tango and other dance styles from Latin America. Your session will be accompanied by the best Latin music available.
Don’t miss the opportunity to spice up and energize your exercise routine!

Latino Groove (M)
Sizzling hot Latin moves and music that mixes traditional Latin dance moves with funky, Hi-Lo impact choreography.

Lambaerocia (M)
Get fit with the latest craze from Brazil! Lambaeróbica is a freestyle class which draws influences from Samba, Lambada, Capoeira, Meringue and Salsa! To get your heart pumping and burn more calories aerobic moves and combinations are added to the mix. Enjoy hot brazilian rhythms – swaying hips, spinning, head twisting and lots of arms.

Hip Hop (M)
Street Style dance class. Easy to follow fun dance moves.

Jazz Dance (M)
Learn how to dance "Fame" or "Flashdance" style! Low impact and moderate intensity.

Belly Dance (M)
Belly Dance is a fun way to tighten and tone your waist, hips and abdominal muscles through easy-to-follow isometric movements. Combining traditional belly dance movements and modern dance this class is suited to all levels.

Salsa Jam (M)
A mix of moves from Salsa Dance blended with low impact aerobics.

Reggaeton (M)
Reggaeton's origins come from Panama and Puerto Rico fusing a mix of Jazz Funk, Salsa, Reggae and loads of sexy style. This is the new dance craze is taking LA & the world by storm and you won't want to miss out on this captivating craze! This class has a strong focus on body isolations, increasing movement and flexibility through a combination of hot and energetic routines. Thick beats and heavy bass to make your booty shake and quake!

Yoga Dance (M)
Yoga comes to life with this energetic fusion of flowing Hatha yoga and dance.