Pilates Mat work Orientation (B)  
This orientation class is designed for people who have never done Pilates before. We will introduce Pilate’s basic principles and learn essential exercises to establish core strength and body awareness. Props may be incorporated to add variety.

Essential Mat work (M)  
Essential mat work for beginners builds a foundation of exercises, so we learn to integrate the basic principles in to the exercises. This mat based workout is designed to help participants develop longer, leaner muscles, establish core strength and stability and heighten body awareness. Props may be incorporatedto add variety. Participants are welcome to stay in the essential classes until they feel confident enough to enter the essential / Intermediate class.

Essential/Intermediate Mat Work (I)
Essential/Intermediate workout level will take you through a dynamic and challenging full body workout that focuses on improving flexibility, core strength, with exercises that stretch and tone all muscles groups. We will include: stability balls, flexband, toning balls, fitness circle, toning balls.

AdvancedMat work (A)
For a more challenging workout – coming soon!

Pilates Ball (M)
A newly invented Pilates prop that allows you to work at your own level to strengthen your core, increase flexibility and increase spinal movement.