Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is increasingly popular these days and offers an abundance of benefits! While yoga may be the big buzzword in the air as the “trendy” form of exercise, those who begin practicing become hooked after they see and feel for themselves how it differs from other forms of exercise. Yoga is a physical and psychological practice that not only strengthens your body, develops flexibility and defines muscle tone, but also allows you to clear your mind to release stress and alleviate tension. Yoga leaves you feeling recharged and energized, not worn out!

First, you should get rid of any preconceived notions of yoga. There is a way for everyone to practice yoga safely and effectively, regardless of age, body type or past fitness experience. Realize that yoga is a time-tested science that focuses on “the individual” - opening up your senses to a new calmness and energy like you’ve never experienced before. You will feel how linking movement to proper breathing will result in a conscious workout that leaves you rejuvenated, energized and feeling strong!


   get a great total body workout
   release stress  
   enhance flexibility, improve posture and increase strength
   not punish the body the way other sports and exercise programs can
   complement your other fitness activities
   feel challenged, without being competitive
   clear your mind, making room for creativity and intuition to flourish
   grow with your practice as you advance
   practice anywhere - at home, in the office, or on the road
   truly change your life, so you may focus and embrace life.